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Cyril Durrenberger

Have you thought about doing one of the early Harriman F-50-1,2,3 or 4 series?  A 40' 10" steel flat car with fishbelly sideframe (Harriman), 12 stake pockets, and a wood nailing strip between the stake pockets.  Used in revenue service from about 1904-1908 until the late 1950's on both the SP and UP in large numbers.  They remained in service and MW service for a long time.  A model of this car has never been done in HO scale before as far as I know.  See the SP freight car bookVol 3 on flat cars for photos, diagrams etc.  I think I have measurements of one.  Many were delivered with wood side boards.  Many had beet racks and some had low wood sides and were even moved to gondola numbering.

F-50-1   1000 for SP.,200 for UP
F-50-2   2100 for SP, 850 for UP
F-50-3   700+ for SP
F-50-4   2100 for SP etc

I think there would be a large market for these from SP modelers.

Cyril Durrenberger

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To expand on Bill's post.

Chad is open to doing more flat cars. Please be able to supply enough info for him to build a master with your request. He needs about 30 orders to make a model worthwhile.

Clark Propst

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Chad Boas did a "Land Office" business with his several new flat cars.
Bill Welch

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