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Guy Wilber writes:

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<< I have a photo of a automobile car built in 1937. On the right door
below the white stripe is stenciled 37+. I was once told this meant the
car could carry autos built in the 37 model year. Is that correct? >>


Absolutely, the 37 indicates that the car has been upgraded (racks adjusted)
to accommodate 1937 models. The (+) indicates that the car can accommodate
larger models produced for the 1937 line including the 1937 Lincoln Zephyr.
Adjustments for the 1938 auto model year were also displayed in the fashion,
though it was short lived.

This type of marking was eliminated as of March 29, 1939 with the
introduction of the newer type of lettering under the 3" white stripe showing
the type of rack and/or tubes or "U" bolt fasteners. This standard of
marking first appeared in the ORER in 1945 as specified within Bulletin 28
issued by the AAR.
Damn! I was wrong again. Learn somethin' new every day - especially from
this Wilber guy. (The pun was unintentional, but I'll let it stand.)

Richard H. Hendrickson
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