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Nice pattern work. Good to see some diversity come to S
Gene Deimling

Standard Railway Castings Company now has a web page. To
visit, goto

New for the 2002 NASG Convention, SRCC will offer a series
of S scale Postwar AAR box cars, with 4/4 Improved
Dreadnaught ends. First roadnames available will be: CNW,
NKP, NP, NYC, and SP&S. Like the CN and CP 1937 AAR kits
released last summer, these are based on Pacific Rail Shops
styrene kits, with added polyurethane resin components and
CDS lettering. Besides new ends, there are some new doors
and running boards included in some of the kits as well.
U.S. and Canadian railroads built 72,997 copies of this
design between 1945 and 1957. In comparison, more postwar
AAR box cars with 4/4 IDE were built than Modified 1937 AAR
cars (44,315 total,) the latter modeled quite accurately
with the PRS 10'6" IH box car. For much more information,
see the web page.

Also new is a kit for a GN double sheathed ARA box car.
This kit has new polyurethane resin castings for the sides,
ends, and underframe. This prototype has been available in
HO for years, and now in S. It was a significant series on
the GN, 8000 having been built between 1937 and 1942. With
its wooden sheathing and goat on the side, these cars make
a very distinctive addition to a transition era or later
layout. A image of the completed model will be posted to
the web page shortly.

Earl Tuson
dba Standard Railway Castings Company

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