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Scott Seders


Any idea what the prototype is for the 22' trailer?

Scott Seders

On Oct 25, 2011, at 2:06 AM, Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@...> wrote:

Cyril --

It was disclosed this week on the Espee list that the SPH&TS is currently
involved in tooling for an SP F-70-10 flat car, as well as additional versions
of bulkheads for the existing Red Caboose F-70-7 flat car. (One early bulkhead
has already been released.) Many SP F-70-10's were converted to TOFC service
by 1955 and the society will be doing a TOFC version with a newly tooled 22'
trailer. And in addition, we were told there are plans to produce one of
the Harriman flat cars -- no doubt they'll choose a version used by SP and
UP. All of the above is injected molded styrene, sold as kits or RTR. I think
the manufacturing will be done by Intermountain.

F.M. Models imported a brass model of an F-50-x flat car (I'm not sure which
one). It was based on a Pacific Electric flat that was equipped with three
water bottles lettered for "Arrowhead Water".

You are right, many SP fans are excited about these models! :-)

Tim O'Connor

Have you thought about doing one of the early Harriman F-50-1,2,3 or 4 series?
A 40' 10" steel flat car with fishbelly sideframe (Harriman), 12 stake pockets,
and a wood nailing strip between the stake pockets. Used in revenue service from
about 1904-1908 until the late 1950's on both the SP and UP in large numbers.
They remained in service and MW service for a long time. A model of this car has
never been done in HO scale before as far as I know. See the SP freight car book
Vol 3 on flat cars for photos, diagrams etc. I think I have measurements of one.
Many were delivered with wood side boards. Many had beet racks and some had low
wood sides and were even moved to gondola numbering.

F-50-1 1000 for SP.,200 for UP
F-50-2 2100 for SP, 850 for UP
F-50-3 700+ for SP
F-50-4 2100 for SP etc

I think there would be a large market for these from SP modelers.

Cyril Durrenberger


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