Preserved(?) STMFC in Texas Panhandle

Steve Sandifer <jssand@...>

I was a driver in a caravan of 8 vans taking kids to camp this week. As a diversion from the noise of the kids, I kept track of steam era rail cars and other noticeable things located along the way, most in farmer's fields. Of course I was unable to stop and investigate or photograph any of this, but maybe it will be of interest to some of you.

ATSF steel reefer with 50's paint, just west of city limits, Hwy. 87, Clayton, NM.
FW&D Roundhouse, west side of town, Hwy 87, Texline, TX.
MKT (?) caboose, N. side Hwy 87, 8 miles west of Dalhart.
2 steel and 2 wood reefers, painted white, S. side of highway, 1 mile east of Dalhart.
OB Wood Box, S side of Hwy 87, 2 miles E. of Hartley, TX.
2 50' DD box and 2 steel reefers, N. side of Hwy 87, 3 miles E of Hartley, TX
2 ATSF steel reefers, 2 steam era tank cars, both side of Hwy 87, 1 mile west of Morris Co. line.
Steel reefer, E of Hwy 87 nr. roadside park, 10 miles S. of Dumas TX.
2 40' box (1 ATSF) and reefer, Hwy 287 1 miles S of its split from I-40 on the west side of Amarillo
Ice reefer, south side of 287, 4 miles east of Claude, TX
Wood box with steel end, south of Hwy 287, 1 mile east of Goodnight, TX.
2 ice reefers, N side of Hwy 287, 3 miles east of Goodnight, TX
Ice reefer, Hedley, TX
OB Wood Box, at the mill on the east side of Memphis, TX
Double sheathed wood box, possible MOW conversion, 1 miles E. of Memphis, TX
OB Wood Box, N. side of 287, Newlin, TX
2 Baggage cars, Ford dealer, west side of Childress.
OB Wood box with metal end, Kirkland, TX
40' box with 6' door, 1 mi E of Quanah Tx, south side of 287
40' steel w/8' door, Harrold, TX, at elevator
Wood caboose, 2 Burlington HWT Passenger cars, 2 MOW conversion boxes, west side of Wichita Falls at antique dealer
Orient Depot, Chilicothe, TX.

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