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Bob McCarthy

Good afternoon!

     May have missed something on this thread, but it list GM&N without any discussion of these M-53 as one of their cars.

     did the GM&N purchase some of the M-53's or??

Bob McCarthy

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Your brown Fox Valley M-53 in early 13 Great States lettering (1945-46) is accurate, although not crisply documented.

B&O changed to the Linking 13 Great States logo and commercial bright red oxide paint in roughly the same time frame in 1945. Very roughly. Photos suggest that the new stencil drawings were distributed and implemented well before the supply of home brew freight car brown paint was exhausted at every car shop. So one definitely has a choice of color with the earliest 13 Great States scheme. Fox Valley Models was aware of this choice and chose brown.

Indeed, there are some suspiciously dark boxcars found running about in 1950's lettering schemes. Mixing the old freight car brown paint was easy to do, maybe this was done in a pinch. Car shop formen were yelled at worse for missing the daily quota than for violating the current painting and lettering orthodoxy.

The Barkan B&O boxcar lettering scorecard (link below) makes sense out of our once collective choas, yet it does not account for transitions and variations, many found since it was published.

Jim Mischke

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I'm a bit confused. I've just received a couple of the Fox cars with the 13
Great States herald in brown paint. Do you mean to say that the 13 Great
States herald was ONLY
applied to the "red" cars and NOT the brown?? I thought the Fox Valley
cars were
all correct.
Vince Altiere
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The "red" paint began with the 13 great states lettering scheme in 1946.
These cars are in the second run scheduled for release in the Spring of
Rich Orr
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Regarding the B&O M-53 -- the brown color is correct for the paint schemes
hich it is used Pre WWII and during the war. The red color was adopted
WII and is being used by FVM with the appropriate P/L schemes.
The brown cars did run into the 50's until being repainted.
Equally important for those of us modeling the mid to late 1940's
pproximately when was the brighter red first used? I, too, have noted the
ifference and it can add variety to a freight train but I do not wish to
use it
nd than find it did not come into general use until after 1948.
Thanks for any assistance, Don Valentine
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