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Jim Hayes

Sunshine used to sell their kit decals and I used that fact to suggest
Sunshine decals several time. But, sometime recently Sunshine changed their
policy and no longer sells kit decals. And yet at Lisle they had boxes and
boxes of kit decals for sale. I didn't look but can anyone who did, comment
on what decals were in those boxes?

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon

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If you buy the complete kit. I recently ordered some decals from Sunshine
along with several kits to receive a refund check for the decals with a note
stating "Sunshine does not sell decals other than chalk marks and reweigh
data" (or something to that effect).

Jerry Glow

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The Ft-G, I, J, L, M not TOFC version, Ft-N are all available from
Sunshine Models. The Ft-L and N are not an AAR type car but a 50 foot car
that was cut in half and lengthened to 53-6 and 10 feet wide in the 1946.
The few Ft-L and N class cars were the first on the Santa Fe to go into TOFC
service in 1954.
Charlie Slater

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Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2011 02:47:27 -0400
Subject: [STMFC] Re: ATSF flat car decals

Wow, Ben! And think, I've never even heard of the East Coast SFH&MS --
how did you learn about them? :-)

The Ft-5 & Wt-3 from the below list are the only GSC flats in the bunch.

The Ft-G was an early 40' steel flat.

The Ft-I and Ft-J are (were?) Sunshine kits, with inboard fishbellies
(or however you'd describe them)

Do you know if the Ft-M is the TOFC version? -- many of these cars were
converted in 1957. They're interesting because they were 44'6" cars which
is shorter than most other TOFC conversions, and carried only 1 trailer.
Two Ft-M's were rebuilt in 1964 to carry B-52 tail fins, when they were
already 40 years old!

I'm not sure what an Ft-L is -- perhaps a 50 ton AAR flat? Some of them
were converted to TOFC service (e.g. 92759).

The Ft-V/Wt-V is the 70 ton AAR flat (Intermountain/Sunshine).

Wt-x of course are maintenance of way cars.

Tim O'Connor

The East Coast Santa Fe Historical and Modeling Society introduced an
extensive line of decals for ATSF flat cars at their East Coast meet in

Ft-G 90512, 90532, 90548, 92040, 93257, 93750, 94610.
Ft-I 96901, 96915, 96935, 97000
Ft-J 93151, 93169, 93225, 93250
Ft-M 97001, 97006, 97025, 97028, 97063, 97069, 97356
Ft-O 90501, 90536, 90545, 90615
Ft-L 90001, 91315, 91348, 91465, 93865, 93876, 93899
Ft-V 91500, 91511, 91558, 91563, 91576, 91589, 91627
Ft-5 93862, 93895, 93901, 93922
Wt-G 19005, 19065, 189658, 190095, 190985, 191305, 191440, 191497,191552,
Wt-M 93161, 190305, 199392, 199393, 199394, 199395, 199396, 199583,
199588, ...
Wt-L 190701, 191807, 191809, 191810, 201026, 203000
Wt-V 191500, 191506, 191604
Wt-3 191064, 207093

Ben Hom

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