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Scott --

I can't find the message regarding the GM&N car in the thread. I too bought one

of these cars way back when. It was a particularly noxious shade of green -- a

shade usually associated with nausea -- and I had my doubts as to its

authenticity at the time. "But it was for a good cause." Can you point me to

where it was discussed. Interested for its amusement value if nothing else.


John B. Allyn

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Original post had two unrelated questions; the GM&N question (which concerned a

"foible" model) quickly fell by the wayside.

Scott Pitzer

McCarthy < thesupplycar@... > wrote:

Good afternoon!
May have missed something on this thread, but it list GM&N without any
discussion of these M-53 as one of their cars.

did the GM&N purchase some of the M-53's or??


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