Re: B&O M27's


And a worthy car for attention it is!

It is likely that the brake arrangement did differ on the M-27 from the PRR
(didn't PRR use a transversely mounted reservoir for instance?).
Unfortunately, I cannot tell you exactly what the arrangement would have
been. Even among different groups of B&O cars of the same class, there were
sometimes small differences. Maybe you can go crawl under the M-27B
preserved at the B&O Museum in Balto. Do you live anywhere near there?

I would say that in general, the B&O's brake arrangements were fairly
"conventional" particularly on cars w/o Duryea UF, which the M-27 did not
have. Depending on how particular you are, maybe you can "wing" it?


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This must be the season for M27's. I am currently working on an M27C and
an M27F. Bill Darnaby mentioned in his excellent review of the M27 that
the photo to illustrate the AB mounting detail is from a PRR express car.
How would it differ on the M27?

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