Re: making you own chalk marks

Charlie Duckworth

When the Class 1's computerized switch lists (Mopac had by 1974 when I started) it made chalking of cars and side-carding obsolete. The computerized switch list and work orders would have the outbound blocks or industry zone-track-spots printed for the crew. I do know however the GH&H in Galveston, Texas was still using tack cards (as their switching was pretty simple) into the late 1970's.

As to being common; pre-1900 to mid-1970's would be a good timeframe. Today, even the Class 2 and 3 carriers are pretty computerized and they do not use chalk marks or side cards to block or switch cars. The only side cards you'd on any railroad are 'do not hump', or 'unload from this side' plus the hazmat placards as required by the FRA.


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When were chalk marks common? Were they common in the late 70's? Are they used today?


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