Re: making your own chalk marks

Rob & Bev Manley

My wife Bev the art maven says both the Prismacolor water soluable and Verithin hard leadare the ones I use. They are not waxy and don't act as a resist to flat finishes
Rob Manley
Midwest Mod-U-Trak
"Better modeling through personal embarrassment"

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On Oct 27, 2011, at 7:09 AM, Andy Sperandeo wrote:

> Hi Randy,
> I've been trying Prismacolor artists' pencils from my favorite art
> supply store. White, pale gray, and pale yellow are good colors,
> and be sure to keep the points sharp.
> Andy
I'll second Andy on this. I've been using Prismacolor pencils for
this purpose for years, and they work very well.

Richard Hendrickson

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