Re: rebar (was wire reels/spools)

Tim O'Connor

At 10/28/2011 04:55 AM Friday, you wrote:

I don't see anything specifically listed as "rebar" -- there is
a "steel rods" load (80 rods, about 20' long). Is that what you guys
are using for rebar?

Tim O'Connor


Paul Lyons wrote:
I have never heard of Duha, but immediately knew there stuff looked
familiar when I went to the web site. This must be there American
I have a bought a lot of stuff from these folks. Nice, but pricey!
Interesting if someone else is now carrying Duha. As recently
as last winter, the Duha web pages identified JWD as their U.S.
outlet. Maybe Smokey Mountain is getting stuff via JWD. I agree that
the stuff isn't cheap, but several of the loads are quite nice.

Tony Thompson

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