Odd Uses for Abandoned Cars

Steve Vallee

Dear Group...

I spotted this tidbit on page 133 in the October, 1937 issue of Railroad Magazine:

In August section of "On The Spot" (a department of Railroad Magazine) was a request for information about odd uses for abandoned cars. At Port Royal, Pa., is a Tuscarora Valley narrow-gage boxcar used as a home. At Huntingdon, Pa., the Pennsy has turned a boxcar into a clubhouse. during the St. Patrick's day flood in 1936 the Pennsy dumped a lot of old hopper cars over the bank near Johnstown, Pa., to keep the river from undermining the track.---PAUL E. WESTBROOK, JR., 3336 broad Ave., Altoona, Pa.

Here is my question. Does anyone out there know where this hopper dumping took place and is those hoppers are still there?

Steve Vallee

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