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Thanks for your enlightening response. The car-type codes used in the
conductor book are usually simple to understand and I've interpreted them as
follows: A (auto), B (box), F (flat), G (gon), H (hopper), R (refrigerator),
T (tank), V (ventilated?). I've yet to come across any reference for a stock
car (an S?). I had forgotten about the WR car-code in the conductor's log
book until this list-thread came along and I went exploring. Just a natural
instinct to jump on wet rock when I saw WR in the book. Your correct
interpretation makes so much more sense.

Charles Dean
Shelbyville, Kentucky 40065

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<< Charles and all:
The numbers from the SAL conductor's book are not hoppers or phosphate
SAL car #s:46615,46399,46349,46317 are R4 class woodracks. They would be
hauling pulpwood. Car #s:40189 and 40175 are also woodracks. These cars
equiped with homebuilt bent rail wood cradles. SEABOARD served a large paper
mill in Georgetown,SC which I believe is north of Charleston,SC on the coast.
I wouldn't expect to see loaded "wetrock" phosphate cars in SC. Freshly
phosphate or wetrock was hauled in wetrock phosphate cars to processing
that were close to the mines in Bone Valley. Processed phosphate was then
to port or inland in dryrock phosphate cars that were similar to covered
My friend Denis Blake is the real woodrack/phosphate car guru and I'm
sure he can elaborate and/or correct the above statements.

Richard Stallworth >>

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