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I guess I'll jump in ... for some railroads like the B&O the one hole is
the lack of a pre-USRA twin hopper.

For the B&O this was their class N-12 a seven side post design with end
sills built over a decade beginning in 1913 and ending in 1923. It is a
significant class as it seems to be the hopper that moved the B&O coal
car fleet from a mixture of gondolas and twin hoppers to a fleet
composed of essentially all twin hoppers. The B&O had over 10,000 of
these hoppers and was the backbone of the fleet until they began
purchasing AAR off-set side hoppers in large quantities after WWII. It
was their "standard twin hopper" and even though they received almost
3,000 hoppers from the USRA, they immediately returned to building the
N-12 after WWI with an additional 5,000 cars built.

To a lesser extent an earlier B&O hopper, the class N-10, a nine side
post design built in 1905 and 1910 is also needed. A good candidate for
a resin model.

I recall you model the early 1940s so you really need some N-12 with
your fleet of foreign road hoppers.

General Arrangement drawings are available at the Pullman Library at the
IRM for both of these hoppers.

Bob Witt

Bruce Smith wrote:

Armand, who is obviously bored and looking to stir up some action on
STMFC list asks... <G>

While there are several models of hoppers available I personally feel
that the current offerings do not truly represent the >prototype

Good Golly Armand,

You really want me to ask? Its just that the replies will go on
forever... Ok, I'm a sucker... what are the major holes you see? I
don't have any from my perspective... Here's my analysis for my

First, the good news is that we all (or almost all) agree that hoppers
were local/regional in distribution, so it really does matter what
railroad you model as to whose cars you need. Those western guys will
be moaning right about now about how irrelevent this thread is because
it really does not matter for them (much).

As a Pennsy modelers, i have nearly every car I could wish for for my
PRR fleet. Yes, I would LOVE it if some were reissued in 21st century
tooling, but that brings its own set of issues, and I'm going to be
heretical and say that as I get older, I find that a good weathering
can make a car with molded on grabs look pretty darn good...

Going beyond the PRR fleet, I can readily find major cars for most
connecting roads such as B&O, C&O, READING, N&W and a whole slew of
midewestern roads. Add into that some really neat "oddballs" such as
Susquehanna and I'm sitting purty. Without wheel reports to guide me,
I'm going 75% PRR, 25% other, with mutliple cars from the connecting
coal roads and single cars from a slew of others. A box from Toy Train
Heaven arrived just last week with N&W and READING fishbelly and WM
channel side 55 ton 2 bays, and I'm just about to order the decals for
my M&StL USRA hopper and AA and Wabash war emergency cars so I have a
bunch of hopper projects on tap... not to mention the resin needing to

So, from my vantage point, between plastic such as Bowser (and
ex-Stewart), Accurail, Tichy and P2K (and not for me, but Kadee) there
is a nice selection, and then resin fills out many cars with
Westerfields, F&C (cheap!) and Sunshine. These cars are too numerous
elucidate individually in an email, but I'm sure that many STMFC
will be tempted to do so <G>!

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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