Re: IM Milw RS box car

Clark Propst

I just said the model was fun to build. And are we complaining about too much of a good thing? : ))

Clark Propst

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It would be even nicer if the side tooling were symmetrical.

See Ed Hawkins' detailed analysis of this kit in the archives.
The Exactrail model is better, or at least, it doesn't have the
defects found in Intermountain's model.

Ridiculous hobby, eh? For YEARS we had no ribsides, and no M-53's.
Now we have what, SIX vendors (4 resin, 2 plastic) with M-53's and
FOUR vendors of ribsides (1 resin, 3 plastic).

Talk about Harmonic Convergence... or Groupthink. :-&#92;

Tim O'Connor


I started an Intermountain ribside box car kit today. I really think it's one of the best plastic kits I've assembled...well, not quite assembled. Seems the underbody detail sprue wasn't in the box. I called, they said they'd send me another.
Nice model : )
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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