Re: Bulkhead F-70-6 flat

Tim O'Connor


If you mean the truck IM tooled for the ACF 1958 LO, then
it's probably closer than anything else - except for the ride
control wedges. But it has the spring plank and similar spring
pack and sideframe appearance. The top of the prototype trucks
aren't visible in the photos I've seen so it probably won't be
noticeable on the model either. :-)

Tahoe and Kadee have certainly spoiled me when it comes to fine
looking trucks... I only wish they each made about 10 more types!
We could use several more 70 ton, plain bearing trucks.

Tim O'

At 11/7/2011 01:48 PM Monday, you wrote:
How close is the Intermountain 70-ton truck for use on the SP F-70-6?

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA


Now I'm back to the opinion that the Barber truck (TMW 209) which I am looking
at as I type, is the closest in appearance, for now.

Ron Merrick

Tim O'Connor wrote:
Tony, none of the photos I've seen of the F-70-6 shows ASF A-3
trucks, including the photos in Volume 3. The F-70-7's (identical, I
believe) all had Barber S-2-A-0 trucks, according to the SP 1956
company roster.
The F-70-6 trucks do show spring planks, so the trucks were
different than the -7 class. I don't think there is a HO truck that
matches them exactly.

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