[H0] Brake systemon D&RGW 40' autoboxc ar

Roland Levin


I'm going to build two Sunshine kit's (#96.9) for 40' Autobox car and four D&RGW 40' twelve panel box cars. I have a problem with the construction of the brake system. The kits comes with one building instruction for AAR 1942 and 10' IH 1944 boxcars and one Added Modeling notes for the cars in question.

The building instructions shows an ordinary AB brake system bur the Added Modeling notes shows a AB system with a Royal F slack adjuster. I can't figure out how this brake systems works and I'm unsure if the pictures in the in the modeling notes are correct.

Can anyone point me to a prototype photo of this type of brake system or any other information that will show me how it works and how it should be put together.

Sorry for cross posting this on two lists. I'm eager to get an answer and start building the kits.

Roland Levin
Stockholm, Sweden

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