Re: Tarnished brass

Tim O'Connor


True, with the caveat that not all brass is the same -- brass
comes in many alloy forms with different oxidation properties.
Also, tarnish can come from contact with another material - I
just bought a tarnished brass model that looks like someone left
a key from a paint can lying on it for a long time. I plan to
grit blast the car.

But usually, you're right - tarnish disappears once the car is
painted. Unlike fingerprints! :-)

Tim O'

Unless shiny brass is a requirement for display purposes. However, the usual tarnish should be of no concern if the model is to painted; that is, if the usual routine common sense preparations for painting brass are otherwise undertaken.

As but several ad hoc personal examples, I have a number of NPP models whose tarnished exteriors have been painted, painted well, and have stood up for decades looking great.

Denny S. Anspach MD

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