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Donald B. Valentine

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True, with the caveat that not all brass is the same -- brass
comes in many alloy forms with different oxidation properties.
Also, tarnish can come from contact with another material - I
just bought a tarnished brass model that looks like someone left
a key from a paint can lying on it for a long time. I plan to
grit blast the car.

But usually, you're right - tarnish disappears once the car is
painted. Unlike fingerprints! :-)

That's more like it, Tim. I was about to ask what was the matter with the good old, tried and true North Coast booth for cleaning brass with aluminum oxide media. It not only removes the tarnish and any remaining, and detail hiding, lacquer, it also provides a nice
"toothy" surface for paint to grip. It is hard to beat such a surface and the use of also tried and true Scalecoat I paint. I still prefer Accu-paint for styrene but have never found a paint better than Scalecoat for the base coat(s) on brass. YMMV.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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