Re: [H0] Brake systemon D&RGW 40' autoboxc ar

Roland Levin

Thanks Gary for directing me to the handout. It's a great help for anyone
interested in modeling the underbody details. Thanks also to Richard and Tim
for the information you provided. I'm still not sure if the photos of the
brake system in the modeling notes for the kits are prototypical correct.

I took two photos of the illustrations in the modeling notes and posted them
to Photos section in the folder "Brake system Sunshine D&RGW boxcars". They
are awaiting approval. I intend to remove them as soon as this this topic is
finalized to avoid any discussions about copy right. I would appreciate if
anyone could look at them and give your comments. I suspect that the two
levers could have been mixed up and I think the angel of the center rod
looks strange. I would also appreciate if anyone could confirm that this
location of the slack adjuster is correct or at least plausible.

Best regards

Roland Levin
Stockholm, Sweden

Ämne: RE: [STMFC] [H0] Brake systemon D&RGW 40' autoboxcar

You can find an excellent handout in the file section for the group, its
called: Freight Car Underbody Detail by Gene Green. An illustration of a
slack adjustor is on page 14. It was added to the files by Doug Harding on
April 3, 2009.

Its one of my most used files! I keep it in a folder near my workshop desk.

gary laakso

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