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Tim O'Connor <timoconnor@...>


Thanks. You've made my day. ;o)

At 11:06 PM 7/30/2002, you wrote:
Oh boy, you've got one of those beasts!

I've seen one once. Rest assured that they represent no known
B&O prototype! It seems plausible they there IS some prototype,
but its not B&O.


In a message dated 7/31/02 10:03:03 AM, timoconnor@... writes:

Chris, while you're here... I have a Precision Scale "M26"
model -- which, uh, has what looks like rebuilt sides with
open frame/posts visible along an inset sill. Did PSC screw
up or was there some variety of "M26" with this appearance?
The factory painted car number is 276382. The PSC number is
16032-1 "M-26 Box Car Rebuilt 5-Panel Door".

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