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Donald B. Valentine

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Please excuse a bit of cross-list posting, but I believe that the answer I seek must be out there somewhere...

I am looking for a (definitive?) answer as to when the paint scheme with the large "BAR" lettering first appeared on freight cars. It is clearly in use on boxcars and reefers in the late 1960's and early 1970's but I am working on models from the 1959-1964 time frame. For most on-line photos showing this scheme, the reweigh dates are not clear enough to read. The Morning Sun "BAR in color, Vol. 1" has a nice clear photo of BAR 7537 on page 127. The caption notes that it is "freshly painted." Under the magnifying glass the reweigh date appears to be "L 3-55" and if that is true, it is much earlier that I had come to believe.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

The date sounds right, Craig, but the "L" surprises me given that the BAR's only shop I've ever known about or visited was at Derby, Maine where I will never forget the use of the same lathe they uised to turn steam loco drivers being used for diesel and freight car wheels in 1977!

Cordially, Don Valentine

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