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Greg Martin


You are correct the left hand side... 3^) But you're also correct right hand as you are looking at it from the inside out and I have done that pleanty of times in my life. I never realized there was a name for the "channel" I just know I tore a lot of shit sleeve on them as they were so often damage from some guy trying to pry the door open there... 3^)

Greg Martin

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The simple answer is yes the door for a 7-foot wide rough opening was
definitely wider. Not in every case but generally 3-5/8" wider with the right
hand edge of the door covered by a piece of channel to keep the door aligned.

Greg Martin
Right hand edge? Maybe when looking from inside the car. Normal US usage is to have the door open to the right, with the LEFT edge fitting into a pressed steel channel.

The RIGHT edge of the door, looking from the outside, has a formed hook shaped strip called the spark guard, a name that dates back to the days of steam, that engages a similar hook mounted on the car side at the edge of the door opening, to provide a rain and yes, cinder proof seal. Modelers don't need to worry about these parts as they are never seen, always hidden behind the door.


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