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A photo of NKP 90077 appears in a kitbashing article by Mont Switzer in MM 11/96, pp 36-39. There's also a small in-service photo of NKP 90092 in DeYoung, "Erie Lackawanna in Color, vol 4", p 13.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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G'Day All,

While reading over the instructions for my F&C kit for an Erie Dunmore built covered hopper, I was surprised to learn that GATC supplied the Nickel Plate & UP with kits of the same design. Has anyone come across photos of the NKP(later N&W) and UP cars? I did find frieght car diagrams online for the NKP cars.

NKP 90000-90049

NKP 90050-90099

Darrall Swift - Colorado Springs
Modeling the BN/MILW in North Central Montana, Great Falls to Shelby, Circa:1979
Darrall, I have a b&w photo of NKP 90050, if that would help. I'm also looking for a decent side view of one of the 90000-90049 series which is the clone of the Erie Dunmore.
Bud Rindfleisch

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