Re: Placards

Richard Hendrickson

On Nov 13, 2011, at 2:00 PM, Tim O'Connor wrote:


I have frequently used these sets, but I'd like to see yours revised
to include some notices with very small print (doesn't have to be
as well as different colors like pink, pale green, pale yellow etc. I
don't really need 20 more white "Unload Other Side" notices with
large black
letters. :-) In modern times I have sometimes seen notices taped to
side of a car, instead of stapled to the tack board. Was this ever
in the STMFC era?

There are some other variations of the hazard placards I'd like to
see too,
like the "fumigation" (not sure of the exact phrase) placard seen
on that
box car in the NMRA reprint of the 1953 ORER.
Tim, I'd welcome revisions; however I'd be happy just to see the sets
reprinted in their original form, especially since there seems to be
renews interest in warning placards, destination cards, etc.

If route cars were attached to the sides with tape in the steam era,
I have yet to see any photo documentation, so I think the answer is
that they were usually/always stapled.

Richard Hendrickson

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