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Armand Premo

Me too,Armand Premo

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Tony, if you can figure out how to print a sheet of tiny
HO scale "Post-It Note" style placards I think the world might
beat a path to your door... I'd buy a sheet!

If they could be printed with microscopic lettering, we might
be able to get rid of large paper waybills too!

Tim O'Connor

> One problem for the meticulous modeler is that placards for many
>loads were REMOVED on unloading. That's okay if, like me, you have a
>"one-sided" layout, with no reversing loop, because I can put the
>placard only on one side of the model. Then that load placard on one
>side of a car can disappear, simply by turning 180 degrees for the
>following session, and the load-placard side isn't visible. But two-
>sided layouts will require careful staging for this to work. Of course
>a through car which always runs from staging to staging can have
>whatever placard arrangement you wish and it's still okay. The problem
>is with cars you switch, and either an empty gets loaded, or a load
>gets unloaded, with what SHOULD be a corresponding change in placard
>Tony Thompson

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