Re: Stock Car Question

Douglas Harding

Tony glad I could help. Now to further your wealth of knowledge and enable
you to fill those stockpens and stockcars.

Weight of animals: we will talk about market ready, ie ready for slaughter,
as well as feeder, those ready to move to the feedlot from the grasslands.

Cattle: steers run about 1100-1250lbs, 100lbs less for heifers, bulls a
little more. figure 1400-1800 for the newer exotic breeds. Feeder calves
will be 400-600lbs.

Hogs: today's market looks for long and lean hog, 225-250 lbs. Which is
quite different from the period I model, 1949, when the market looked for a
fat hog at 300+ lbs. Hogs are one time were raised to 500+lbs, but that has
changed as .consumer demands have changed.

Sheep: figure about 135lbs for market ready. Feeder lambs will be about

Doug Harding

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