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I know I asked this question some time back . . . . but was there a guideline for loading materials like pig iron on the floors of a freight cars?  I've heard stories from retirees talking about seeing "broken" cars filled with pig-iron where folks got lazy and loaded it more at the center of car at the doorway.  It is only common sense to load them concentrated over the bolsters and not to full cap'y.  I heard the rule was 80 percent max with a balanced load, but I don't have anything in writing.

Al Kresse

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Several possibilities exist, but none are easy styrene solution for
the time frame you have in mind; I assume you’re in HO so here are
some possibilities based on my own interests in the area around
Birmingham AL

Gondolas were typically used for pig ron loading with the pigs tending
to be loaded over the bolsters; low sided gons were especially useful.

SOU low sided steeel gons are the obvious choice. For the 30s only the
Speed witch resin kit is appropriate – the Smoky Mountain kit
represents cars as they were rebuilt in the post war period.

I have a photo of a SAL composite gon with pig iron and Sunshine do a
resin kit of such a beast. I’m not sure that composite construction
would have lasted long in this service, but it certainly happened

CofG used cut down USRA cars as noted inana earlier response – the
problem is that while I have copies of diagrams for these I have never
seen a photo

ACL didn’t serve Birmingham in its own right until after WW2 but they
also had a class of low side steel gons that can be kit bashed from
the old ERTL gon

Beer has no effect on concrete, but unless the concrete is specially
treated the taste of the beer could be affected. (Military Engineering
Vol XIV, Concrete, WO Code No 8626, 1952.)


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