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I suspect it may but thought the use of sawdust was more common.

Jerry Glow

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My recollection is that straw is often used in conjunction with
ice in storage. Perhaps to prevent those 300lb blocks from turning
themselves into 3,000lb blocks? Surely the straw could simply
be brushed or washed off the ice?

In the town where I live there are several large ponds (lakes) and
in past times the ice was harvested each winter and put into storage
for use throughout the year. The rail line (now a trail) ran on a
causeway dividing one of the ponds in two.

Tim O'Connor

And if straw was used, you can be sure the ice was not intended
to be used in reefers. Straw would clog the bunker drains. You might
be thinking that surely reefers weren't iced in winter, and that's
true, but the natural ice could be stored for summer use. Just not
with straw.

Tony Thompson

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