FGE underframe paint

D. Scott Chatfield

I rescued an old Golden Spike kit for an FGE reefer from an abusive home. It has the underframe parts painted either the same freightcar red as the ends and roof or simply left unpainted metal. I can't tell from the few photos I have whether those parts should be red or black. Also, somewhere along the line I got the impression that the roof should be unpainted galvanized or painted silver for post-1950 FGE cars. Was this true for mechanical reefers? The model's lettering indicates it was built at Alexandria in 1956 and reweighed in 1960.

Thanks for any help. I know this is the same prototype that WrightTrak did a few years ago but I always wanted one of these Golden Spike kits ever since I saw them in Walthers catalogs when I was a kid in the early '70s.

Scott Chatfield

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