Re: User friendly mold making material

Earl Hackett <hacketet@...>

Do you think this mold material is compatible with Alumilite resin?
It sounds intriguing... There are definitely some ends and doors I'd
like to try duplicating.
This is really nothing new. Similar mold making material has been available
for years.

It is a regular silicone rubber with a bunch of filler so it's stiff. You
can make your own by purchasing their AM125 rubber on this page

and adding some fumed silica and talc to thicken it. I prefer to add the
thickeners after mixing the two components to assure that the thickeners are
wetted with catalized resin. You can do this with any silicone resin and
adjust the viscosity/stiffness to suit the project. For example, when
making rock molds I'll thicken the rubber so it is brushable, but won't sag
or thin out.

It is compatible with any epoxy resin.

Earl Hackett
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