Re: Reweigh rules

Tim O'Connor


Yep, that's what I use as a rule when decaling -- 2.5 yrs for 1st reweigh,
6.5 yrs for 2nd, 10.5 for 3rd, etc. (The 1st is the more critical; others
can be skewed by years in either direction)

When reweighing a LOT of freight cars for the 1956-1960 era, I'm shocked by
how LITTLE decal material is available for the post-1950 era. For example
Ted Culotta's beautiful decal sets have like 13 or 14 1940's reweigh dates
and maybe 1 post-1953 date. Very frustrating. Thank goodness for Champ's
excellent data sets, but I'm using mine up quickly, and they're no longer

Tim O'Connor

I just looked this up as I was applying proper dates to cars. According to
my 1/53 ORER, page 753, under Rule 11 of Code of Car Service Rules the first
reweigh for all steel house cars was 30 months and 48 months for subsequent

Bill Darnaby

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