Re: Reweigh rules

william darnaby

Yeah...that's also my beef with the Sunshine reweigh decals. Well done with
repack data and air brake data but you might get one date from the 50's for
each railroad. I guess the late 40's is Martin's period of interest. I
too, have just about used up my Champ stuff.

Bill Darnaby

When reweighing a LOT of freight cars for the 1956-1960 era, I'm shocked by
how LITTLE decal material is available for the post-1950 era. For example
Ted Culotta's beautiful decal sets have like 13 or 14 1940's reweigh dates
and maybe 1 post-1953 date. Very frustrating. Thank goodness for Champ's
excellent data sets, but I'm using mine up quickly, and they're no longer

Tim O'Connor


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