Pennsy Trains from Potomac Yard: FNY-2 & AEC-5

Bill Welch


I am trying to find photographs to illustrate certain trains that
were important in moving produce north from Potomac Yard. I will be
sending several of these messages as I identify the various trains
and have time to type them up. What I want are photos showing blocks
of reefers in the trains. My preference would be for photos made
before 1957. I hope you will forward this message on to your friends
that may be able to help if you cannot.

My source for these two trains is "Fast Freight Service Schedules for
Fruits & Vegetables: Season 1947-1948" on the Atlantic Coast Line.
The refrigerator cars originated on the ACL and were brought into Pot
Yard by the RF&P. If my search is productive, you may see the results
at Cocoa Beach in January. In fact photos of FNY-2 would help fill in
my story line quite nicely.

Please use my contact info below to respond off-line. Thank you so

Bill Welch
2225 Nursery Road; #20-104
Clearwater, FL 33764-7622


Here are the first two trains. Where there is more than one section I
have consolidated.

PRR FNY-2 departed Pot Yard 1:30 PM for the following points and
lines involved to those destinations

Newark; PRR
Jersey City; PRR
New York; PRR
Albany; PRR, WS

PRR AEC-5 departed Pot Yard 6:00 PM for the following points and
lines involved to those destinations

Albany; PRR, D&H
Boston; PRR, D&H, B&M
Buffalo; PRR
Montreal; PRR, D&H, CN, CP
Pittsburgh; PRR
Rochester; PRR, NYC
Scranton; PRR, D&H, DL&W
Syracuse; PRR, NYC, DL&W
Toronto; PRR, CN
Wilkes-Barre; PRR

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