Re: Reweigh rules

Joel Holmes <lehighvalley@...>

Hi Tom,

That is the way I have been applying decals for over 40 years now. I also
use a small screwdriver to lift the numbers off my finger and nudge them
in place. Often a car number has from 2 to 6 separate numbers. Pullman
names can have even more letters.

Joel Holmes

Bruce Smith wrote:

That's why I have very fine scissors and strong reading glasses at my
modeling bench <VBG> I've lost count of the reweigh dates I've cut
apart and pieced back together to get them in the correct time frame for
June of 1944... Needless to say, I don't usually float single digits in
a bucket of water when decaling either!
For very tiny decal bits I use a pin to place a small drop of water on the
tip of my left index finger and put the decal on that. The decal will come
loose in a few seconds but not float free. (That's why the "small drop".)
Use fine tweezers to place the decal near where you want it on the model,
then nudge the decal off the backing and into position. I use this
technique for any decal smaller than my fingertip because it's much easier
than chasing a floating decal across the surface of a water dish, or
retreiving it from the bottom of the dish. (I use a shallow dark brown
plastic cereal dish.)

Like many techniques, it takes longer to describe than do, and I suspect
many of you have long since figured this one out too.

Tom Madden

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