Re: Reweigh rules

Tim O'Connor

Mike, it's never too late to reweigh. In fact, I'd say the best
time is AFTER you have finished weathering the car -- then put a
paint patch or two on the car side, apply decals, add a light coat
of flat or satin and Voila! you've got a shiny new reweigh on an
otherwise dirty car. Very realistic! Some of the cars that I've
been reweighing lately were "finished" more than 10 years ago.

Tim O'Connor

In the early 50's passengers on UP trains passing over Sherman Hill
complained about the blowing sand on the windows, etc. To solve this
problem, UP apparently dumped used oil on the tracks to dampen the sand
issue. Video programs show a rather black roadbed/ballast appearance during
this time. Having spent some time in southeastern WY I can vouch for the
blowing sand [ as can my video camera ]. It is interesting to note, however,
that prior to that time, the area to the left of the box car door seems to
receive more weathering than in some other areas. I note that this is
particularly true on older models...those that I decaled prior to
understanding the reweigh rules.

Mike Brock...heading for my shelter

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