Re: Reweigh rules

Tim O'Connor

Tony, you make it sound trivial, but it isn't. For one thing,
I need reweigh lettering for more than 100 railroads. For another,
not all railroads used the same size lettering, or the same style
of lettering. It's true that I could make up some lettering for
SP, say, but lately my problem has been C&NW, WP, AT&SF, B&O, SAL,
ACL, ... et al. Like Bill Darnaby, I bought ALL of Sunshine's
reweigh decals which have a wonderful variety of station symbols
and lettering styles for 64 railroads by my count. But a dearth of
1950's dates and virtually nothing for the 1960's (which I also want).

And then there's also COLOR. Lately I've been scrounging for yellow,
silver, and black. Champ's are all white. Sunshine offered only one
sheet with black decals for 15 roads, and seven sheets with white
lettering for 63 roads, plus a PFE sheet.

I agree custom sets can help, but I'd need a LOT of different custom
sets to cover my needs, and that means I'd also need to learn a great
deal more than I really want to (or have time to) know about the
lettering used by a lot of railroads.

Tim O'Connor

When reweighing a LOT of freight cars for the 1956-1960 era, I'm
shocked by how LITTLE decal material is available for the post-1950
era . . .
That's probably what we ALL say about our own era. <g> Simple
fix: Jerry Glow will make decals. My SP tank car set has a LOT of late
'40s and early '50s reweigh dates and locations, mostly SP with some
SSW, UP and PFE locations. Any SP modeler of that time period will get
all they need in Jerry's set. But more to the point, anyone can do the
same for their own needs.

Tony Thompson

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