Re: Reweigh rules

Dennis Storzek

--- In, Richard Hendrickson <rhendrickson@...> wrote:

No. When the weight data on a car "timed out," it not supposed to be
accepted in interchange - and therefore, in effect, couldn't be
loaded - until it was reweighed. This was often carried out offline
by another railroad, not by the owner (though most car owners seem to
have been relatively conscientious about reweighing cars whose dates
were close to expiring whenever they came back onto home rails).
When empty, cars with expired reweigh dates were routed to the
nearest track scales to be reweighed and restenciled...
Re-weighing was an item that, like many others, had an AAR standard charge applied with the bill sent to the owning road. I suspect that many roads felt they could do it themselves cheaper, since they were paying people to be on the RIP track and at the scales regardless.

I remember reading an interesting comment, either here or on the CP SIG list, about a small terminal in western Canada where the car foremen had his inspectors specifically instructed to look for foreign MTys with expired scale dates. I guess he felt the charges earned for re-weighing the cars helped justified the expense of his little fifedom.


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