Reweigh rules

Andy Carlson


For specific applications where you need an unavailable reweigh stencil, may I
suggest a technique a friend of mine uses? He takes advantage of the method
printers we use which lay down everything EXCEPT White, which is simply left-off
by omission.

First: He will copy a close-up scan of the reweigh are he wished replicated.
After cleaning up the image, he produces a final, cleaned up scan.

Second: Cut a window in some copier paper equal to the size of the small piece
of clear decal film, and tape this piece into the cut-out window. Load this
paper into the paper tray of a color laser printer.

Third: Before issuing the "Print" command, reduce the scan's image to the actual
size desired. Select a color for the background, any color which is close to
actual. Printing in a color laser scanner, the Red area will have clear
lettering and numbering on the decal film.

Fourth: Decide which color you want the data to be, and paint a small patch
barely large enough to be underneath the decal in its final position (like
white). Trim the decal to the size of the original patch from the photo you are
working with. Placing the decal over this patched are will show as a repainted
patch color with white data.

My friend was doing this before he even owned a color laser printer by going to
a copy center.

There are decal papers which are white, and if followed by the above technique,
you can eliminate the placing a white patch on your model.

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

From: Tim O'Connor

Tony, you make it sound trivial, but it isn't. For one thing,
I need reweigh lettering for more than 100 railroads. For another,
not all railroads used the same size lettering, or the same style
of lettering. It's true that I could make up some lettering for
SP, say, but lately my problem has been C&NW, WP, AT&SF, B&O, SAL,
ACL, ... et al. Like Bill Darnaby, I bought ALL of Sunshine's
reweigh decals which have a wonderful variety of station symbols
and lettering styles for 64 railroads by my count. But a dearth of
1950's dates and virtually nothing for the 1960's (which I also want).

And then there's also COLOR. Lately I've been scrounging for yellow,
silver, and black. Champ's are all white. Sunshine offered only one
sheet with black decals for 15 roads, and seven sheets with white
lettering for 63 roads, plus a PFE sheet.

I agree custom sets can help, but I'd need a LOT of different custom
sets to cover my needs, and that means I'd also need to learn a great
deal more than I really want to (or have time to) know about the
lettering used by a lot of railroads.

Tim O'Connor

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