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Stan Schwedler wrote:
We received the new MDT book for stock for our store. People that were wanting it have canceled in buying one. While it is probably a very good corporate history, for the model builder they find it lacking. It would had been a lot nicer if scale drawings were included. Most of our customers are model builders. Instead, the drawings are only 2 views (side and end), with no underframe or cross sections. And they are not printed to any known scale, and no dimensions are given to even scale from. I suppose you can assume the wheelbase of the trucks are 5' 6" and you can go from there. But it would be better to have a longer known dimension.
Here is a superb resource on the MDT's complex car fleet, INCLUDING fine drawings and dozens of excellent photos, and MODELERS are "canceling?" What more do they want? Extremely few freight car books of any kind are as complete and thorough as this one. Yes, I'm biased, but I think Stan's customers are confused.

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