Re: Recent NHH&TS "Shoreliner" & Perishables

Peter Ness

Hi Bill,

Shoreliner Vol 33 Issues 2 and 3 have articles titled; "West End Freight" and "West End Freight - The Trains". The first article covers operations at New York Harbor while the second article covers freight movement over the rails.


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Subject: [STMFC] Recent NHH&TS "Shoreliner" & Perishables

Someone tipped that a recent issue or issues of the New Haven
Historical Society's "Shoreliner" magazine has an article that at
least in part discusses the handling of perishables. Is there someone
on this list that point me to which issue or issues I need. I cannot
tell from the descriptions on the website although it appears it may
be either issues Volume 33 Issues #2 or #3 or both.

Thank you!
Bill Welch
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