Re: Big Glaring Freight Car Hole

Tim O'Connor

Since my modeling begins in the late 1950's I'd love to see kits for
DESPATCH built steel ice reefers, especially those that wore NRC reporting
marks. Are those (NRC) cars covered in the MDT book?

Tim O'Connor


I am not an expert on MDT but I am sure others can furnish information in terms of drawings and the many paint and stenciling schemes for these cars, both in their original form and as they evolved over time. Given the many refrigerator car kits already available (or available in the past) in styrene and resin, this particular prototype, of which there were thousands, sticks out like a sore thumb as a void to be filled.

I would think a logical place for your company to begin would be to purchase a copy of the new MDT book so that you can understand the significance of the cars in question.

Bill Welch

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