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The drawings for the book were all done in 2D CAD and originally printed in O scale. It is relatively low tech in this day and age to copy and scale any printed drawing. I would be more than glad to provide a truck center distance for any of the crawings where that dimension does not occur in the book. The intent of the drawings was to capture as accurately as possible the look of a typical car in the various decades of the company's existence using all data sources available.

In addition to corporate history, there is a significant effort to organize and describe the vast amount of equipment this company built or purchased. Of interest to a model buiider is a resource to better help them identify what cars they are interested in by data tables,photographic history, and bibliographic sources. Many on this list have expressed skepticism in many modeler's car drawings published over the years since they have led to some disastrous consequences when an incorrect model was produced. Most manufacturers today prefer to find original drawings. Thanks to the efforts of some libraries and historical societies, many original MDT drawings are available once one acquires the knowledge to know what to look for. This book was my humble attempt to share some of that knowledge.

There is no need for you to defend such a wonderful effort, Roger. Those that need to defend themselves are those who are not sharp enough to realize and appreciate what you have provided for them at a cost of pennies in comparison to the cost for them to go out and find all this information on their own. One simply cannot please all of the people all of the time so I wouldn't worry a wit about those who might cancel.....and then come whining back when they cannot find a copy or find one for which the asking price has not doubled. Keep up the great work!

Cordially, Don Valentine

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