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Bill Welch


I missed your RMC article and will get one from Carston's. In the meantime, can you tell me and others briefly if these Warren cars are different form the standard AC&F 8K tank car that Sunshine did a few years ago? From the photos, excellent Tom, it looks like the tank is slightly shorter and larger in diameter and the dome appears to sit a little higher than the model I built.

Also, anyone, is this good for any other company?

Bill Welch

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For those who wish to springboard off of Tony Thompson's RMC article, I have cast resin tanks & domes for Warren ICC 104 8K insulated tank cars available. The patterns for tank upper & lower sections are made from modified Athearn parts and are sized to fit the InterMountain underframe. Holes are spotted for Precision Scale handrail stanchions. The dome is separate and cast with the two special housing covers as well as two conventional safety valves. NBW details and hole locations for the dome grab irons are also present. A 3/16" socket cast on the underside of the dome top and matching 3/16" hole in the tank shell will let you use a length of 3/16" styrene rod or tubing to align & center the dome on the tank.

Jerry Glow has excellent decals for this car.

Here's a photo of the parts:

A close-up of dome castings, inside & out, one showing the styrene rod in place:

A tank body complete with handrails:

A close-up of the dome on the completed tank, InterMountain manway cover in place:

A PDF of construction hints:

I have 28 casting sets ready to ship and will make more. Unlike the P2K roofs and glycerin tanks I offered earlier, I have actual dollars invested in the Warren patterns, so the price is $14 each. Shipping is a flat $2.50 regardless of quantity. Payment by PayPal preferred (a lesson learned from dealing with the flood of personal checks resulting from my earlier offerings) but I will certainly accept your check if you don't do PayPal.

Please contact me _OFF LIST_ at tcmadden (at) q (dot) com if you're interested. I'll start a wait list once (if?) the 28 sell and will notify those on the wait list when more are available. I never ask for payment until an item is ready to ship.


Tom Madden

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