Re: Resin parts for Warren tank cars now available

Jim Hayes

Yes that's it. For the natural gas cars, PDS 36B probably.

I look forward to it. Thanks.

Jim Hayes
11790 SW Foothill Dr
Portland OR 97225-5612

On Fri, Dec 2, 2011 at 9:12 PM, <tmolsen@...> wrote:


Hi Jim,

I have the Sunshine kit #36.7 for the Warren "Natural Gas" tank car. If
this is the kit that I believe you are referring to, I can make a copy of
the PDS for you.

Let me know if this is the car I believe you are referring to and I will
make the copy and mail it to you early this coming week.

Tom Olsen
7 Boundary Road, West Branch
Newark, Delaware, 19711-7479
(302) 738-4292 (H)
(302) 593-7464 (C)


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