Re: Lionel PS-5 gondola paint and lettering schemes

Richard Hendrickson

Larry Kline inquires:

Did Maine Central have PS-5s? I can't find anything for the Maine Central
except for the 12100-12122 series of 52ft 6in gondolas. These cars have
dimensions that look OK, but my 4-74 ORER indicates that the series is new
or that the number of cars has increased. They don't appear in my 10-70
ORER. I don't have any ORER issues between 10-70 and 4-74. 1974 seems too
late as a built date. Were these PS-5s? Did MEC buy them as used cars?
Larry, I have a photo of MEC 12019 and it was a second-hand war emergency
composite mill gon with the original wood sheathing replaced by steel.
Appears to be a former NYC car.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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