Color of Rock Island Hopper Car in the Steam Era?


I have a B&W photo to be used in a Wabash book I am finishing up and can't post it here for reasons I won't get into. Anyway, next to a Wabash loco at a coaling machine is a Rock Island hopper car. It doesn't show a car number and I can't read the builder date. I can't tell how many bays but the photo was taken in 1948. (The top edges of the sides of the hopper car are sloped in, however.)

What color would this Rock Island hopper car be in 1948? I suppose, in other words, I'm asking what color Rock Island hopper cars would be in the steam era. I find it interesting that a Rock Island car would be filled with loco coal at Benton, Indiana but have seen foreign road hoppers used in MOW service on the Wabash 4th District also.

Victor Baird
Erstwhile Publications
Fort Wayne, Indiana

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