Re: Flat car underbody question

David Sieber

Chad, I couldn't say it better than Tim did; please leave all the underbody detail in place. I am quite pleased with the five flatcars I bought from you, and would buy future offerings with full detail. Flatcars are meant to carry loads; I have enough well-weighted flats (P2K, IMRC, etc.) to represent non-loaded cars that aren't earning money for their owners! Dave Sieber, Reno NV

--- In STMFC@..., Tim O'Connor wrote:
My personal preference is for well detailed underframes. People
who don't care can easily add lead weights (and I have done this
on some models), but in general, LOADS fulfill the weight requirement.
Because of their low centers of gravity, I have found that flat cars
and gondolas can be underweight and still operate perfectly well.
--- In response to Chad Boas' question:
What is the general census of the group as to the details for the underbody of the flat car castings. On my next run, should I leave out the smaller cross members and just do the center sill and larger cross members. Would this make it easier to add the weight? Thanks for the input.

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