Re: Color of Rock Island Hopper Car in the Steam Era?



What would be Rock Island's freight car color--some kind of box car red?

Shameless Plug: It is not a freight car book. Dan and all, the book is
due out very early in 2012. Right now I am just waiting for my artist
to finish the artwork for the cover as the turn around time for the
printer is 4-6 weeks. The book is called Railroading on the Wabash 4th
District and is 11 chapters plus appendices. Here is the blurb on the
back cover to give you an idea what is within:

"Built as an integral part of the shortest railroad between Detroit and
Chicago, the Wabash 4th District through Northern Indiana and Northwest
Ohio had a colorful history. It was also the first Wabash district
dieselized and home of the last mixed train in Indiana (in the early
1960s). In addition to a researched, illustrated history dating back to
1892, Railroading on the 4th District tells the story in the words of
railroaders that worked the line and fans that remembered it. This hard
cover 8-1/2 x 11 format book of 136 pages includes color cover, 130 B&W
and 9 color photos, maps, illustrations, track diagrams, a condensed
profile, plus a postscript to present day following the 1964 Wabash
lease to Norfolk & Western."

Though regional in nature, I think folks will find the book interesting
as it covers much of the operational aspects of a steam era railroad in
the own words of railroaders. And about 99% of the photos have never
been published.

The website to order the book is It is
complete BUT NOT yet activated. Price of the book is $34.95. A book on
the Fort Wayne & Jackson Railroad Company is also due in 2012. The FW&J
which ran between its namesake cities in Southern Michigan and Northern
Indiana was leased to the New York Central for most of its almost 100
year existence.

Victor Baird
Erstwhile Publications
Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Would be "freight car color" until after the time period of this list.
Can you give any hints about the book? Thanks.
Dan Sweeney, Jr.
Alexandria, VA

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I have a B&W photo to be used in a Wabash book I am finishing up and
can't post it here for reasons I won't get into. Anyway, next to a
Wabash loco at a coaling machine is a Rock Island hopper car. It doesn't
show a car number and I can't read the builder date. I can't tell how
many bays but the photo was taken in 1948. (The top edges of the sides
of the hopper car are sloped in, however.)

What color would this Rock Island hopper car be in 1948?

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